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Meeting Your Needs is Our Goal

Students are provided with multiple levels of support, beginning with the individual advisement process.  The most significant support is in the structure of the program itself.  Our faculty is largely comprised of practitioners who are well positioned to provide just-in-time help with the issues that arise related to teaching and learning.

Credential candidates are assigned fieldwork supervisors who coach and mentor them in the fieldwork setting.  Candidates are also assigned start-up coaches to help establish their classrooms.

TCSJ also provides all students access to our secure database, Log on to download unofficial transcripts and course documents, your personal course schedule, your financial record and to access contact information for our faculty.


Graduate Studies and Research

Sylvia1.jpg Sylvia Turner is available to talk with you about our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) M.Ed. program, the Educational Inquiry M.Ed. and the Mathematics Instructional Added Authorization (MIAA) coursework.  She can be reached at or by phone at (209) 953-2119.

Induction and Graduate Studies

Athey, Kathy.jpg Kathy Athey is your advisor if you already possess a Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject credential and need to complete induction in order to clear your credential.  She is also the person with whom you want to speak regarding TCJS's Single Subject Student Teacher Program.  Kathy can be reached at (209) 468-9190 or via email at

Administrative Services Credential Program/Master's Educational Leadership

Dunham, Pam.jpg  Pam Dunham is your advisor if you are thinking about pursuing your Master's degree in Educational Leadership and School Development. She is also available to help you attain your Administrative Services Credential. Pam is looking forward to talking with you at (209) 468-9172.  You can also reach Pam via email at

Tier II Leadership Coaching/Clear Administrative Services Credential

Myers, Linda.jpg Linda Myers is ready to talk to you when you get your first administrative position and need to obtain a clear administrative service credential.  One-on-one coaching will be provided as you move through the two year program.  She can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (209) 468-9191.


IMPACT Program Student Advisor 

Gammon, Louise.jpg Louise Gammon advises students for all types of teaching credentials, which include Multiple Subjects, Single Subject, Special Education and Clear Credentials.  She also advises for the Master's program and schedule changes.  Louise can be reached at or (209) 468-9077.

Student Accounts

IMG_3120.JPG Stephanie Gase is the student account advisor that can help you and your family determine the best way to finance your future.  She is easily contacted via email at or by phone at (209) 468-9238.


Lisa.jpg Lisa Neugebauer our registrar, can assist will all registration and admissions inquiries regarding all of our programs. She is easily contacted via email at or by phone at (209) 468-9192.


Sheid, Tammie.jpg Tammie Scheid and Wann, Amber.jpg Amber Wann are here to help you with your credential questions.  They will be assisting you with each credential that you earn here at TCSJ.  They look forward to working with you.  Tammie can be reached at  Amber can be reached at  If you would prefer to reach them by phone, they can both be reached at (209) 468-9132.

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