We strongly consider all candidates who apply to Teachers College of San Joaquin. The institution seeks candidates from diverse cultural, linguistic, and academic backgrounds, as well as those who come from a variety of work experiences. Candidates admitted to Teachers College of San Joaquin demonstrate strong potential for professional success in schools, academic and work-related achievement, and a commitment to inquiry. Refer to the specific program for information regarding admissions requirements.

Advisement and Support

Teachers College of San Joaquin is proud to provide individualized attention to our candidates. TCSJ provides admission advisement beginning with the initial inquiry and continuing throughout the candidate’s academic program. Advisors are available via phone, e-mail or by individual appointment.

Our faculty is largely comprised of practitioners, who are well positioned to provide timely help with the issues that arise related to teaching and learning.

Master’s In Education

Application for Masters in Education Program

Credential Programs

  • Application for Administrative Services Credential Program (Preliminary)
    • Administrative Services Credential District Approval Form (Administrative Credential Candidates only)
    • Verification of Experience must be on the district or employing agency letterhead and signed by either the superintendent, assistant superintendent, director of personnel, director of human resources or HR designee verifying at least five years* of experience. (Applicants may need to secure more than one verification of experience letter to meet the five-year experience requirement.)
  • District Approval Form Application for Administrative Clear Credential Program Application for IMPACT Added Authorization/Speciality Area/Credential Application for IMPACT Pre-Service Program Application for IMPACT Teaching Credential Program Application for IMPACT Designated Subjects/CTE Application for Mathematics Instructional Added Authorization District Agreement Form Teacher Induction Application

    Professional Learning Opportunities

    Paraprofessional Training Registration Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave (TPSL) Registration Form

    Candidates who are not admitted to TCSJ must wait a minimum of one year to reapply.