TCSJ students are required to come prepared for class each night with a personal laptop or tablet to access course material. Devices must have “dual band” Wi-Fi radios. Devices without dual band radios may not be able to access the required course curriculum. Please check with your device vendor to determine whether the device you wish to use has this capability. Work issued devices are not recommended as they have firewalls that may impede access to required course materials.

Teachers College of San Joaquin is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged electronic devices.


TCSJ students can contact the Admissions Department at if support is needed to access their account. The SJCOE Help Desk is not available for support with a personal device. While sharing documents (e.g. via Zoom, or on Promethean screens from your device), ensure personal content cannot be viewed.


Teachers College of San Joaquin has a password-protected wireless connection available allowing candidates to have full access to the Internet.