Master's Projects

Tiani Hudgins M. Ed.

Social Science Curriculum to Support SDC Students

Tiani Hudgins, M.Ed. Special Education Graduate

Special Education/Social Science, Grades 6-8

About the Project:

Tiani's project is a semester-long grade 7 Social Science curriculum to support SDC students in their mainstream general education class. The curriculum includes the following elements: warm-ups, scaffolding, assess.

About Tiani:

Tiani Hudgins has been teaching in Manteca Unified School District for 6 years. Her current position is teaching 7-8th SDC M/M. She is also an instructor at TCSJ. She has taught a variety of classes in the IMPACT program, the CSET subtest 1 prep course, CURR 343 in the Graduate program, and she is an advisor for the Master's degree programs. Her passion is ensuring that all students receive an equitable education.

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Project Based Learning Program Designed for Math Classes

Damien Kennedy, M.Ed. Special Education Graduate

Math, Grades 6-8

About the Project:

Damien's master's project is a project based learning program designed for math classes. It uses various 7th grade math concepts to design, build and play different math based board games.

About Damien:

Damien Kennedy has been working in Special Education for the past 6 and a half years in Los Banos at the Junior High School level. He recently completed his Master's in Education. He enjoys the variation that special education brings on a daily basis and has begun to incorporate more hands-on projects into his math classes.

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Arin-Marie McComas M. Ed.

Growth Mindset of Female Students in Math

Arin-Marie McComas, M.Ed. Educational Inquiry Graduate

Math, Grades 6-8

About the Project:

Arin-Marie's project explored and tracked data using the Growth Mindset of female students in math. She was inspired by her female students that were struggling at remaining positive during the learning process to find a process that could help them overcome their struggle while learning new math skills.

About Arin-Marie:

Arin-Marie is currently a 5th-grade teacher at Wilhelmina Henry Elementary School in Stockton, CA. She has been an elementary teacher for 9 years. Her teaching career has consisted of teaching 2nd & 3rd-grade SDC and Kindergarten. During her tenure, she has attended Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute to continue my historical education. She currently holds a leadership position for her grade level. TCSJ has been her inspiration to continue her education and to always be curious about learning.

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Ezrae Llanes M. Ed.

Educational Systems: The Case of California and the Philippines as Perceived by Second Grade Public School Teachers

Ezrae Llanes, M.Ed. Early Education Graduate

Multilingual Education, Grades K-3

About the Project:

The research compared the educational systems in California and the Philippines, described the implementation of new policies, and augmented the gathered data with teacher experience. The new policies included Common Core State Standards and Proposition 58 for California as well as the K-12 Program and Mother-Tongue Based Multilingual Education for the Philippines. Teachers in 2nd grade provided perspective in understanding the quantitative data gathered.

About Ezrae:

I am a Filipino who immigrated after graduating from the University of the Philippines in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Sociology. I took the internship program at Teachers College of San Joaquin and subsequently took their master's program for Early Childhood Education. My academic interests lie in curriculum development, social justice, and educational policies.

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