TCSJ “Burst of the Day” Videos

View the videos below with great tips and resources from TCSJ faculty and staff around distance learning.

Meeting the needs of Your Students During Distance Learning

TCSJ Instructor, Anne Swehla-Garcia who is a 30-year veteran teacher, shares what she is currently using to teach her students and communicate with families during COVID and what she wants to continue doing when school is back in-person.


Looking for a fun and easy game to play with your students during distance learning?? Look no further!

COVID Website for SPED Educators

Justin Albano, a TCSJ M.Ed. and Administrative Services Credential graduate who works as a Program Specialist at the SJCOE SELPA Department, helped create a website during COVID-19 to provide resources for special education educators. He made this informative video to guide you through the site.

Loom for Distance Learning

Have you heard of Loom? Learn why TCSJ instructor, Kecia Won-Jones uses Loom to instruct her TCSJ and elementary school students during distance learning!

Google Jamboard

Dr. Karin Compise, Residency at TCSJ Program Coordinator shares about Google Jamboard and why it is a great engagement tool to use while distance teaching/learning!

Using Tech to Communicate with Families

Looking for advice and/or tools to communicate with parents during distance learning? Girlie Hale, IMPACT Program Coordinator, and former principal shares some wonderful tips with you in this video.

Zoom Screen Share

TCSJ instructor, Dr. Adrianne Go-Miller shares all about the "Share" feature in Zoom. If you are teaching in Zoom, this is a GREAT resource to know about!

Distance Learning Website

Jaime Flores, IMPACT Intern student and English teacher at Los Banos USD created a website to help equip teachers for distance learning. In this video, Jaime guides you through the site to show you all of the great resources!

How to Create a Zoom Meeting with Friends and Family

Don’t know how to use Zoom? Dr. Karin Compise, Residency@TCSJ Coordinator wants to teach you how to Zoom with your friends and family!

Distance Learning Norms

"DON'T BE THAT PERSON!" With the transition to distance learning, it's important that teachers and students establish and follow norms for their virtual classes.

How to Use Breakout Rooms

One of our fabulous instructors, Dr. Adrianne Go-Miller created a video about how to use breakout rooms in Zoom!

Working from Home with Young Children

Are you working from home with young kiddos? Michelle Jones, one of our IMPACT Program Coordinators shares some great tips that she used while she worked from home when her kids were little.

Don’t Get Zoombombed

If you are using Zoom for teaching, meetings, etc. make sure to watch this video for strategies to avoid getting "Zoombombed"!

How to Use FlipGrid With Your Students

Shannon Hess, one of our amazing TCSJ instructors uses Flipgrid with her TCSJ students. Learn about flipgrid and see why you may want to use it with your students too!