M.Ed. Educational Leadership & School Development (32-38 units)

Educational Leadership and School Development Concentration is for those individuals serving or hoping to serve in school leadership positions. This option can also be concurrent with coursework resulting in a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. Candidates with a TCSJ Preliminary Administrative Credential may transfer up to eight units towards their Masters degree.

Candidates applying to TCSJ’s Educational Leadership and School Development masters program that results in also earning a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential are required to verify at least five years of experience.*

*Applicants may begin the program with a minimum of three years experience.


  • CURR321 Research Methods and Application (3)
  • CURR341 Preparing Students for the 21st Century (3)
  • CURR343 Curriculum for the 21st Century (3)
  • CURR345 Teacher Action Research (3)
  • CURR384 Writing a Literature Review (2)

  • EADM270 Public Schools in a Democratic Society (2)
  • EADM271 The Principalship (1)
  • EADM272 Climate Development, School Culture, and Motivation (2)
  • EADM273 Supervision of Instruction (1)
  • EADM274 School Law (2)
  • EADM275 Administration of Human Resources (1)
  • EADM276 Equity and Access (1)
  • EADM277 Building Partnerships and Community (1)
  • EADM284 School Finance and Business Administration (1)
  • EADM286C Fieldwork (3)
  • EADM286D Fieldwork (3)
  • EADM288 Educational Planning, Delivery, and Assessment (2)
  • EADM386 Evidence Based Leadership (4)

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Admissions Criteria

Two recommendations are required to be accepted (one must be from a current employer). The TCSJ Graduate Studies Department will contact your recommenders once your application is received and provide them with a link to an online recommendation form.



Teachers College of San Joaquin is approved by the California State approved Agency to enroll veterans and other eligible persons.

TCSJ will maintain a written record of the previous education and training (e.g. transcripts) of veterans and eligible persons. The record will clearly indicate if credit has been granted and candidates will be notified accordingly per 21.4253 (d)(3)