A course by Catlin Tucker

The pandemic has forced educational institutions and educators to adapt quickly to new teaching and learning landscapes. Teachers need the skills and confidence to engage students in meaningful learning experiences. This course provides detailed instruction about how to utilize various models to engage students in dynamic learning in class, online, or a combination of the two.

This course is designed to help teachers architect learning experiences that strive to differentiate and personalize learning experiences, help students to develop their metacognitive and self-regulation skills, give students more agency over their learning, and provide more opportunities for students to control the pace at which they progress through learning experiences.


Module 1 Metacognitive Skill Building-Teaching Students to Think About Their Learning
Module 2 Next Level Station Rotation Model
Module 3 Choice Boards & Choose Your Own Adventure Learning Experiences
Module 4 Building a Playlist to Differentiate or Personalize Learning
Module 5 Increasing Engagement and Student Agency with the 5Es Instructional Model

Estimated hours to complete the course

30 Hours (Approximately 15 hours of time = 1 unit)


Course Only


2 PDUs

Course + 2 PDUs = $225

Course Dates:
Asynchronous, self-paced
Course Instructor:
Catlin Tucker
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