Building Innovative Curriculum

A Teachable course by Teachers College of San Joaquin


Earn PDUs for Building Curriculum for Your Own Classroom! This course supports teachers’ development of curricular units that are innovative, as well as the California Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, career pathways, Environmental Principals and Concepts, and/or content frameworks. The participants will develop units of instruction appropriate for use in their classroom.

Within this course are the requirements to follow to create a strong, innovative unit using Understanding by Design (and starting with the end in mind)! This framework supports Project Based Learning, Learning Target Lesson Planning, and Standards-Based Unit Planning.

You only pay one time for this course, but you can earn up to 4 Professional Development Units!

NOTE: This course is available in the following content and/or focus areas; Social Science, Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Technology, STEM, Environmental Literacy, Special Education, Career Technical Education (CTE).

Learning Outcomes

  • Creation - When you build your own curriculum, you can ensure that you are creating relevant, engaging curriculum and activities for your students.
  • Innovation - Get creative as you build! How might you take some risks to create learning experiences for all of your students?
  • Curriculum - By planning your curriculum ahead of time using standards and district expectations, you can infuse your own personality into the curriculum. This will engage students!
About BIC


Course Only


1-4 PD Units

Course + PD Units = $150-$350

Course Dates:
Asynchronous, self-paced
Course Instructor:
Dr. Brandy Byers
We recommend that participants seek approval for salary advancement from appropriate district officials before purchasing professional development units