Getting Started with Blended and Online Learning

A course by Catlin Tucker

This course focuses on how to take your offline courses blended and entirely online. The strategies presented are grounded in blended and online learning theory. This course will help teachers design a blended or online course, provide instruction online, and facilitate learning and academic discourse in online environments.

This course will provide teachers and schools with the tools and strategies they need to be effective teaching in blended and online learning environments while creating a community of learners capable of making meaning online.


Module 1 Teaching Presence-Designing Your Blended/Online Course
Module 2 Teaching Presence-Designing Blended/Online Lessons
Module 3 Teaching Presence-Blended/Online Instruction
Module 4 Teaching Presence: Facilitating Learning Online
Module 5 Social Presence-Building Community Online
Module 6 Cognitive Presence-Student-centered Blended/Online Learning


Course Only


2 PDUs

Course + 2 PDUs = $275

Course Dates:
Asynchronous, self-paced
Course Instructor:
Catlin Tucker
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