EduroLearning: Coaching Essentials: A Practical Guide for Instructional Coaches

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Want to learn more about being an effective learning coach? You may already be in a coaching position and you would like some guidance as to how to be even more effective at your job. Or, you might be looking to make the transition to a coaching role, and would like to not only better understand the expectations of what coaches do, but also how to be the best coach you can be!


  1. You Are What You Do
  2. What Instructional Coaching Looks Like in Practice
  3. How to have a Coaching Conversation
  4. Essential Skills for Instructional Coaches
  5. How to Build Momentum Around Instructional Coaching
  6. Taking Action: Becoming an Instructional Coach

About Eduro Learning

Eduro Learning is a small business created by educators and parents passionate about redefining professional learning by honoring the craft of educators. Their bespoke pathways gives educators agency, choice, and an authentic opportunity to collaborate with fellow practitioners around the world.

About Coaching Essentials


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Online, Self-paced
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Kim Cofino
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