A course with George Couros


This course covers everything you need to empower learners in a remote, face-to-face, or blended environment by answering these questions:

  • How do we build relationships in remote learning environments and address the social-emotional needs of our students?
  • What are some practical ideas and strategies we can use in remote learning that can truly empower our students?
  • How do we create opportunities for our students in remote learning situations that are not all about technology?
  • How do we ensure we take care of our own mental and emotional health during these challenging times?
  • How do we create opportunities for every learner (including ourselves) to be successful in such challenging times?

Modules Included

Part 1
  • The Introduction to the Innovator's Mindset
  • Building Relationships in Any Learning Setting
  • Learner-Driven, Evidence Informed
  • Creating Empowering Learning Experiences
  • Educator as Master Learner
  • Having "Core" Conversations
Part 2
  • Introducing the 8 Characteristics (And Why They Matter)
  • Why Empathy Matters in Our Learning
  • Developing Problem Finders-Solvers
  • Risk Takers (In Any Learning Space)
  • Networking to Share and Learn From Others
  • Being Observant in a World Full of Information
  • The Importance of Meaningful Creation
  • Recognizing and Developing Resiliency in Learning
  • The Power of Reflection - Looking Back to Move Forward
Part 3
  • Helping Others Move Forward
  • Taking Care of Yourself
George Couros Course


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2 PD Units

Course + 2 PD Units = $297

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