Given the diverse range of experiences, backgrounds, skills, content knowledge, settings, roles within our cohort, it's difficult to express the concrete objectives for our time together. The days and assignments are designed to be accessible and useful to all levels of experience. At an incredibly high level, my goal with our seven sessions is to develop your ability to develop others to build more aligned and equitable schools. Though the content and skills we'll cover are essential for those in leadership roles, I fundamentally believe they can be -- and need to be -- equally employed by teacher-leaders to set a culture where all adults are aligned in values, mindsets, and actions. Though the teacher in me wants to show you the perfect backward design, my experience is that Leadership Fellows works best when it's adaptive. I'll strive to design an experience that is based on the group’s feedback, meets you where you are on your journey, and is constructivist in the sense that you will take out the meaning you need from the collective experiences that we share. In short, the enduring understanding each day may be different for each of you. To get a bit more concrete, you will...

  • More deeply consider the complexity of a school leadership role and how you will process and grapple with the inevitable challenges and conflicts that arise.
  • Explore and better understand yourself as a leader in education.
  • Become adept at running good meetings and facilitating consensus-based decision making.
  • Build a network of values-aligned colleagues who will support you on your leadership journey.
  • Grow your skills as an instructional coach.
  • Feel confident having tough conversations. Feel confident giving honest, actionable, and timely feedback to others.


The Marshall Leadership Institute is dedicated to rethinking and redesigning how we identify, develop, and support powerful school leaders. Our programs—Leadership Fellows, New Leaders Fellowship, and Experienced Leaders Fellowship—develop highly prepared K-12 school leaders in collaborative, diverse cohorts so we can learn from each other and go far together. We also partner with K-12 schools, districts, and other education organizations to develop a diverse pipeline of culturally-responsive, transformational school leaders in their regions.


Course Only


6 PDUs

Course Dates:
Synchronous, Online
October 1, 2022 9am-3:30pm
November 5, 2022 9am-3:30pm
December 3, 2022 9am-3:30pm
January 7, 2023 9am-3:30pm
February 4, 2023 9am-3:30pm
March 4, 2023 9am-3:30pm
April 1, 2023 9am-3:30pm
May 6, 2023 9am-3:30pm
Course Instructor:
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