Learning and the Brain

A course by Novak Educational Consulting

We all have brains - and this course is for anyone wanting to learn more about learning & the brain. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, museum curator, coach, parent, or you are interested in learning more about how learning and the brain are connected - this course is for you. The overarching goal is to learn more about learning and the brain, including the central role of emotions for learning. From the theories presented in this course, the goal is then for you to develop a new lens that you can apply to your practices and that you take concrete actions steps to better design for learning based on what we know about the brain. I hope this course is as much a self-reflection of your own learning as it is an opportunity to think about how you design learning experiences for others.

Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • The fundamentals of brain science, including understanding plasticity, variability, and how emotions are central to learning
  • How to activate the brain for learning, including the role of goals and options to empower students to choose their own learning pathways
  • How to design for variability, including use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • How brain networks develop and the critical role of both nature & nurture
  • How to captivate attention, including providing ample background understanding & expectations
  • How to support memory systems, with a focus on working memory and cognitive load
  • How to design for intrinsic motivation, including how to design for conditions of flow and how to incorporate a deeper language for emotions in learning


Module 1 Neuroscience and Teaching
Module 2 Activate the Brain for Learning
Module 3 Design for Variability
Module 4 Foster the Development of Brain Networks
Module 5 Captivate Attention
Module 6 Scaffold Memory
Module 7 Intrinsically Motivate
Module 8 Support Emotions for Teaching
Module 9 Make Broader Connections
Module 10 Final Reflection

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Course Only


3 PDUs

Course + 3 PDUs = $350

Course Dates:
Asynchronous, self-paced
Course Instructor:
Allison Posey, M.Ed.
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