Expert Learning In Action

A course by Novak Educational Consulting

This course is designed to give educators a “meta-moment” to reflect and learn from a previous season of teaching, learning and/or leadership within their career in education. Too often we move from one thing to the next without taking time to discover and define how we have grown as people within our profession. We don’t often reflect on the ways our students have shaped us. We don’t mark the new skills and strategies we’ve developed as we’ve taught new content. We don’t list the new ways we can engage, represent, and give options for action and expression to our students. Taking time to reflect is a non-negotiable for our journey as expert learners. This course is designed to walk educators through that process.


Module 1 Rest and Reflect…. yes that is it… Rest and Reflect
Module 2 Expert Learners
Module 3 Reflect on a Previous Season of Teaching and Learning (Part 1)
Module 4 Reflect on a Previous Season of Teaching and Learning (Part 2)
Module 5 Goal Setting
Module 6 Communities and Collectives
Module 7 Progress Monitoring and Advice to Your Future Self
Module 8 Mapping your Learning

About the Course

About Novak Educational Consulting

Novak Educational Consulting is the premier organization for designing and delivering high-quality, evidence-based professional development on multi-tiered systems of support, evidence-based tiered interventions, evidence-based literacy models, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and effective leadership practices.


Course Only


3 PDUs

Course + 3 PDUs = $300

Course Dates:
Asynchronous, self-paced
Course Instructor:
Zach Smith
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