Positive Teacher Language

A Teachable course by Teachers College of San Joaquin


Study after study has shown that the language (both verbal and non-verbal) we choose as educators matters. Language can help students feel seen and valued, helps us build trust with our students, guides our classroom management practices, and helps us implement equitable practices.

In this course, you will learn how being intentional with the language you use can improve your relationships, create trust, help with classroom management, increase student engagement, and ensure equitable expectations and practices in your classroom.

Learning Outcomes

  • Academic and Emotional Safety - Use positive teacher language to create academic and emotional safety in your classroom.
  • Identity - Positive teacher language honors student identity and helps students feel seen and valued in your classroom.
  • Equity - Asset-based language and wise criticism are both equitable language practices that help all students feel seen and valued, while communicating high expectations.
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Course Only


1 PD Unit

Course + PDUs = $150

Course Dates:
Asynchronous, self-paced
Course Instructor:
Dr. Brandy Byers
We recommend that participants seek approval for salary advancement from appropriate district officials before purchasing professional development units.