A course with George Couros


This course will help you to create great presentations both virtually and face-to-face. The experiences shared in this course summarize the research, tips, and strategies that have come from over a decade of Keynoting conferences and working with districts and individual school sites.

This course is for you if:

  • You present ideas to others and you want them to leave being challenged in their thinking, but also inspired and motivated to create action.
  • You are interested in developing your skills as a speaker/presenter in either virtual or face-to-face spaces.
  • You have ideas that you want to share in a way that builds a connection while delivering in a way that is true to your authentic self.
  • You have ambitions or aspirations to be a keynote speaker or presenter or want to better what you are already doing in that space.
  • You work with a team that provides professional learning to other adults.


  • Introduction
  • Section 1: The Foundations of a Powerful Presentation
  • Section 2: Structuring an Incredible Presentation
  • Section 3: Details, Design, and Structure

$125 + tax

Course Only


2 PD Units

Course + 2 PD Units = $275

Course Dates:
Asynchronous, Online
Course Instructor:
George Couros
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