Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Teachers College of San Joaquin (TCSJ) offers three options for individuals seeking a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

  1. The first option provides the candidates the opportunity to earn an Administrative Services Credential and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and School Development. This option can be completed in approximately 24 months.
  2. TCSJ also has an Administrative Services Credential only option that can be completed in 12 months.
  3. TCSJ also provides an administrative intern program for candidates who have secured an administrative position and need to enroll in administrative services credential coursework. Each candidate is assigned a TCSJ fieldwork supervisor to provide individual support in their new administrative position during their intern year. TCSJ, the fieldwork supervisor and the employer collaborate to support the intern's success.

There are several components that make TCSJ's Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program unique. TCSJ utilizes a cohort model in which groups of students take all of their coursework together and support one another throughout the duration of the program. This support has proven to be a significant aspect of our program in addition to opportunities for students to create a professional network of colleagues. TCSJ classes are taught by experienced faculty, such as, superintendents and assistant superintendents, along with current practitioners in the field of education. This is a unique opportunity to 'make yourself known' to district personnel prior to applying for possible positions in their respective districts. The fieldwork component of the program allows candidates the opportunity to apply theory learned in coursework in an authentic setting. Candidates are released from their current position, with administrator and district approval, 12 days of the school year, to work as a student administrator at another site in their school district. Fieldwork allows candidates to experience the 'big picture' of a school year from an administrator's perspective. Candidates share that fieldwork contributes to building their skills and abilities as an administrative leader and is one of the aspects of the program they value the most.

Candidates applying to TCSJ’s Administrative Services Preliminary Credential program are required to verify at least five years of experience under the prerequisite credential (typically a teaching credential). Applicants may begin the program with a minimum of four years experience.

  • EADM270 Public Schools in a Democratic Society (2)
  • EADM271 The Principalship (1)
  • EADM272 Climate Development, School Culture & Motivation (2)
  • EADM273 Supervision of Instruction (1)
  • EADM274 School Law (2)
  • EADM275 Administration of Human Resources (1)
  • EADM276 Equity & Access (1)
  • EADM277 Building Partnerships and Community (1)
  • EADM284 School Finance & Business Administration (1)
  • EADM286C Fieldwork (3)
  • EADM286D Fieldwork (3)
  • EADM288 Educational Planning, Delivery, and Assessment (2)
  • EADM386 Evidence Based Leadership (4)

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You only need to take five additional courses!

CURR321 Research Methods and Application (3)

The purpose of the Research Methods and Application course is to expose candidates to the role of various types of research literature and learn to be informed consumers of research. Topics in this course that help candidates deepen understanding of techniques of research design include, but not limited to, empirical research constructs, review of evaluation research and policy analysis, how to read quantitative and qualitative research reports, descriptive and inferential statistics, and basic understandings of the scientific method (problem, hypothesis, data collection, and data analysis). Candidates develop a research proposal in this course with essential elements of effective research methodologies.

CURR341 Preparing Students to be College and Career Ready in the 21st Century: Exploration (3)

Exploration of the context of 21st century learning environments are researched, observed, and evaluated. The recent reforms and innovations in TK-12 education, especially focusing on college and career readiness initiatives and implications to schools, are examined. A review of recent changes within the California academic standards are studied to determine the possible interplay with the career technical education standards. What would a truly innovative, reform oriented, 21st century classroom look like? What are the implications to teachers who need to prepare students to be engaged in civics and global awareness? These issues are among the topics and questions considered in this course.

CURR343 Curriculum for the 21st Century (3)

The purpose of the Implementation course is to provide opportunities for candidates to deepen understanding of how to transition from conventional teaching strategies to best practices appropriate for 21st century learning environments. Course content includes aligning and integrating career and technical education, academic standards and frameworks, authentic assessment practices, background on contextual teaching and learning, project based learning, and designing integrated curriculum for classrooms with real world applications.

CURR345 Teacher Action Research (3)

The purpose of the Inquiry course is to help candidates understand research as defined by any effort towards reflective and disciplined inquiry. Content includes learning the processes of action research, how to conduct action research, and that research can involve a wide array of methods derived from both the quantitative and qualitative domains. The focus of the action research project will be defined by the candidate and will follow guidelines related to the teaching and learning process, be within an appropriate scope of influence, and with a purpose of initiating action to understand or solve a problem.

CURR384 Writing the Literature Review (2)

Students will participate in conversations with faculty, experts, and colleagues on a variety of topics related to the development of a literature review. Specific attention will be paid to topic development, keyword searches, adequate sources, writing style, development of an outline, and correct citing of research in accordance to the American Psychological Association (APA).

  1. Online Application
  2. Letter of Candidate Introduction
  3. Official Sealed Transcripts:
    • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
    • Post Baccalaureate, i.e. credential program and/or master’s degree
  4. Possess a valid prerequisite credential
  5. District Approval Form
  6. Verification of Full-Time Experience - Must be on the district or employing agency letterhead and signed by either the superintendent, assistant superintendent, director of personnel, director of human resources or HR designee verifying at least four years* of experience. (Applicants may need to secure more than one verification of experience letter to meet the experience requirement.)
  7. Emergency Contact Form (within application)
  8. Acceptable Use Policy & Computer Use Agreement Form (within application)
  9. Audio/Photo/Video Media Release Form (within application)
  10. $50 Non-Refundable Application Fee (waived for IMPACT candidates)

Two recommendations are required to be accepted (one must be from a current employer). The TCSJ Graduate Studies Department will contact your recommenders once your application is received and provide them with a link to an online recommendation form.

*Candidates must have a minimum of five years of full-time experience at the completion of the program.

A $200 Non-refundable cohort enrollment deposit is due at advisement for Administrative Services Credential candidates. Upon successful completion of the program, the cohort enrollment deposit will be applied to the candidate’s current tuition obligation.


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Teachers College of San Joaquin is approved by the California State approved Agency to enroll veterans and other eligible persons.

TCSJ will maintain a written record of the previous education and training (e.g. transcripts) of veterans and eligible persons. The record will clearly indicate if credit has been granted and candidates will be notified accordingly per 21.4253 (d)(3)

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