Preliminary Designated Subjects CTE Teaching Credential

The Preliminary Designated Subjects CTE Teaching Credential authorizes the holder to teach in the subject or subjects named on the credential in grades twelve and below and in classes organized primarily for adults, in career technical, trade or vocational courses. The Clear Designated Subjects CTE Teaching Credential authorizes the holder to teach in the subject or subjects named on the credential in grades twelve and below and in classes organized primarily for adults, including services to English learners in Specially Designed Academic Instruction Delivered in English (SDAIE) in career technical, trade or vocational courses.

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Program Highlights:

  • Earn your credential while you teach
  • Tuition is a fraction of the cost of most other teacher preparation schools
  • Receive invaluable teacher support; you are not left on your own
  • Class times are in the evenings

Industry Sectors Available:

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Arts, Media, and Entertainment
  • Building and Construction Trades
  • Business and Finance
  • Education, Child Development, and Family Services
  • Energy, Environment, and Utilities
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Fashion and Interior Design
  • Health Science and Medical Technology
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Manufacturing and Product Development
  • Marketing, Sales, and Service
  • Public Services
  • Transportation

Visit the CTC website to determine if you meet the credential qualifications.

  • Delivery format is Face to Face only: You must be able to attend classes in Stockton by 5:00 p.m. twice a week
  • Program is 12-18 months in length
  • All credential coursework and fieldwork required to clear your credential must be completed within three years of being issued the preliminary credential. For this reason, we do not allow you to file for your preliminary credential until you have secured a CTE teaching position.
  • You must be employed with one our partner districts, you can view our Partner Districts.

If you already hold a valid California General Education Teaching Credential, you can obtain the CTE credential by completing six units. If you hold a valid California Education Specialist Credential, an advisement with the program coordinator, Lisa Reece is required to determine equivalencies. You can schedule an advisement with Lisa by emailing her at

After securing employment in a CTE position, apply to the program (visit the eligibility tab for admissions criteria).

After enrolling in the college, you will be notified (via email) by the TCSJ registrar with details to schedule an appointment to process your CTE credential.

The Program Advisor will contact you with an appointment for orientation.

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Classes are held in-person in Stockton.


EDUC100 Technology to Support Teaching & Learning (1 unit, 15 hours)
EDUC101 Setting the Stage for Learning (2 units, 30 hours)
EDUC102 Equitable Access for English Learners (2 units, 30 hours)
EDUC103 Planning Instruction (2 units, 30 hours)
EDUC104 Preparing to Teach Reading (1 unit, 15 hours)
EDUC105 Preparing to Teach and Assess (1 unit, 15 hours)
CURR281 Support Supervision (1 unit, 15 hours)
CTE200 Teaching Career Technical Education: Foundations for Success (1 unit, 15 hours)
CTE201 Teaching for Learning in the CTE Classroom (3 units, 45 hours)
CTE202 Health & Safety in the CTE Classroom (1 unit, 15 hours)
CTE203 Routines & Relationships to Support Post-Secondary Success (1 unit, 15 hours)
CURR282 Support Supervision (1 unit, 15 hours)
CTE204 Industry Sector Pedagogy and Practices (3 units, 445 hours)
CTE205 Inclusive Practices in the CTE Classroom (1 unit, 15 hours)
CTE206 Engagement and Equitable Practices for English Learners (1 unit, 15 hours)
CTE283 Support Supervision: Advanced CTE (1 unit, 15 hours)
Total: 23 units

Adding a CTE Credential for General Education Credential Holders

Candidates who hold a valid Clear Single Subject or Multiple Subject teaching credential can enroll in the accelerated CTE program. This program includes coursework related to the historical and foundational aspects of Career and Technical Education, industry specific content instruction, health and safety in the classroom and a focus on the CTE Advanced Teacher Preparation Standard.

Required Coursework (3.5 units)

  • CURR118 Foundations for Teaching Career and Technical Education (.5)
  • CURR246 Industry Sector Content Instruction (1)
  • CURR221 Health & Safety Curriculum & Instruction (1)
  • CURR281 Support Supervision: CTE (1)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Three years of work experience directly related to each industry sector to be named on the credential. One year equals a minimum of 1000 clock hours and the experience may be full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid.
  • High school diploma requirement by one of the following methods: Possess a high school diploma, Possess a diploma based on passage of the GED Test, Possess the foreign equivalent of a high school diploma based on passage of the GED Test, Possess the foreign equivalent of a high school diploma.
  • Proof of Employment: Copy of my current teaching contract or Letter on Intent to employment (must be on district letterhead and include school site, subject, grade level and service start date).
  • Certificate of Clearance (not required if applicant has a valid document issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, e.g. 30-day substitute permit).
  • Certificate of Clearance View Details , View Tutorial Video
  • Letter of Good Standing (only required if applicant has been enrolled in or is currently enrolled in a teacher preparation program).

Apply Now

2021 Tuition

  • $350 per unit

2021 Fees

  • $65 application fee
  • Non-Refundable Deposit (Upon successful completion of the program, the deposit will be applied to the candidate's current tuition obligation).
  • $400 (if applicant does not have valid California teaching credential).
  • $200 (if applicant does have a valid California teaching credential).
  • Textbook fees. Books are not included in tuition.