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What is Induction?

Induction is the required route for both General Education and Education Specialist teachers to clear their preliminary credential. Induction is the second tier within California’s Learning to Teach System. Induction is a two-year, individualized, job-embedded system of mentoring, support and professional learning that begins in the teacher’s first year of teaching on his/her preliminary credential.

  • Must be employed with a district/employer who is in partnership with TCSJ’s induction program. View List
  • Teachers who have a California Single Subject or Multiple Subject Preliminary Credential
  • Teachers who have an out-of-state or out–of-country credential and need induction to clear their credential
  • Teachers who have an Education Specialist Level I Credential or an Education Specialist Preliminary credential
  • Candidates are matched according to credentials held, grade level, and/or subject area within 30 days of enrolling in induction.
  • Candidates develop an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) that provides the road map for the candidate’s induction experience.The ILP is created based upon each candidate’s needs.
  • The Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is developed in consultation with their mentor and the site administrator, and is periodically revisited and revised.
  • Candidates receive individualized support/mentoring coordinated and/or provided by the mentor. Mentoring support includes “just-in-time” and longer-term analysis of teaching practice to help candidates develop enduring professional skills.
  • Candidates reflect upon their professional teacher practice using the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).

Please visit the Tuition page for full details.

  • Candidates need to check with their district/employer to determine if they are eligible to participate in TCSJ’s Induction Program.
  • Once eligibility is determined, candidates complete and submit a online application.
  • TCSJ verifies that candidates meet the Induction eligibility requirements. Upon such verification, TCSJ contacts the candidate’s district/employer and the candidate is provided information about the induction program.
List of Induction Partners Early Completion Option CSTP 2019-20 Induction Handbook
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