Teacher Preparation Program for Private School Teachers

California Education Code provides two options for private school teachers to obtain Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credentials. These two options allow private school teachers to use three to five years of appropriate teaching experience in lieu of the student teaching component of a teacher preparation program or six years of appropriate teaching experience in lieu of completing a teacher preparation program including student teaching. Candidates with sufficient private school teaching experience may apply directly to the Commission for the multiple or single subject credential. View Teaching Credential Requirements for Teachers with Private School Experience.

If a teacher has three to five years of full-time teaching experience at a WASC Accredited private school, and needs to complete an approved SB 2042 teacher preparation program, they can apply for TCSJ’s Private School Teacher Program. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates are provided with verification from TCSJ that they completed an approved program to include in their application to CTC for their preliminary teaching credential.

Program Details:

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. At least one year of full-time teaching in the subject area of the credential sought at a WASC accredited private school in CA, another state, or US Territory
  2. A baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally-accredited college or university
  3. Satisfy the basic skills requirement (e.g. CBEST)
  4. Subject Matter Competence (e.g. CSET)
  5. U.S. Constitution requirement
  6. Full-time teaching position (in credential area) at a WASC accredited Private School in San Joaquin or Stanislaus County

2021 Deadline Dates:

2021 Program Cost:

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