Fall CUE 2022

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Informational Meetings

If you are unable to attend any of our upcoming informational meetings, please complete this online form to request a copy of a pre-recorded meeting.

TCSJ offers the following Master's Degree Program in Education* Concentrations:

  • Early Education
  • Educational Inquiry
  • Education Leadership & School Development (with or without Administrative Services Credential)
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Special Education
  • STEM

*The Master's in Education Program is NOT a Teaching Credential Program. Attend an informational meeting for the IMPACT Teaching Credential Program OR Teacher Residency Program if you are interested in obtaining a teaching credential.



Attend an online enrollment event and enroll in your first two master's degree classes on the spot!

  • More dates to come. Check back soon!

The IMPACT Preliminary Teaching Credential Program is an alternative pathway to acquire a teaching credential (CCTC). Teachers who begin their teaching career with an Intern Credential, are employed and paid by the school district as the "teacher of record" for their classrooms, work closely with a Support Supervisor and attend evening classes in a cohort model twice a week for two years to earn a Preliminary Teaching Credential.

Attend an informational meeting to learn about program requirements, tuition, how to apply and more.

In-person and online meetings will be held on the following dates:


*If you have a teaching credential and want to add an authorization/credential, we recommend that you contact a program advisor for advisement:

  • Beth Jara, Education Specialist IMPACT Program Coordinator, ejara@sjcoe.net
  • Lisa Reece, Single Subject IMPACT Program Coordinator, lreece@sjcoe.net
  • Michelle Jones, Multiple Subjects IMPACT Program Coordinator, mjones@sjcoe.net

In addition to TCSJ's IMPACT Intern Primary Teaching Credential Program, TCSJ now offers "Residency at TCSJ," a one-year traditional option to acquire a preliminary teaching credential. The teacher residency model requires a year-long intensive placement with a master teacher - which is significantly longer than other traditional programs that require a short-term student teaching experience. The program is constructed around the schedule of the P-12 schools, thus enabling an authentic, year-long clinical experience with a master teacher, who serves as the residency candidate on-site, classroom mentor.


* Must have at least four years of CA credentialed experience to begin the Administrative Services Credential Program.


Do you have 3+ years of experience working in one of the industries listed below?

  • Arts, Media, and Entertainment
  • Building and Construction Trades
  • Business and Finance
  • Education, Child Development, and Family Services
  • Energy, Environment, and Utilities
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Fashion and Interior Design
  • Health Science and Medical Technology
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Manufacturing and Product Development
  • Marketing, Sales, and Service
  • Public Services
  • Transportation

If the answer is YES, consider earning your Designated Subjects/Career Technical Education Teaching Credential to teach career technical, trade or vocational courses in grades twelve and below and in classes organized primarily for adults.

Attend an online program informational meeting for details and to meet the program coordinator!