As a member of TCSJ's network, you will have access to a plethora of opportunities, both within our institution and the wider educational community. Our strong relationships and advocacy efforts are dedicated to supporting your educational and professional aspirations. Additionally, you will have access to a wealth of pertinent educational and career resources, ensuring that you are well-equipped to achieve your goals.


Teachers College of San Joaquin houses a wealth of materials aimed to support educators. The resources include computers with internet access, books spanning all subject areas and grades, and current educational journals. Additionally, students and faculty have the ability to use the “Teacher Resource Room” located at the Stockton campus on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. The room is stocked with crafting materials to create items for your students and classroom.

TCSJ students also have access to an electronic library of databases, EBSCO, which allows our students and faculty to access research articles, peer-reviewed journals, and educational e-books. As members of the local community, our candidates also have access to libraries at community colleges, public universities, and some private institutions of higher education.