Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics by the SJCOE

Course Dates

July 18-20, 2023 (8:30am-3:00pm) at Teachers College of San Joaquin (2721 Transworld Drive, Stockton)

About This Course

Experience exciting math shifts at the Summer 2023 math professional learning at the San Joaquin County Office of Education! Dive into the principles and practical ideas from Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics by Peter Liljedahl. Learn how to plan multi-dimensional lessons and incorporate approaches that have proven to transform practices using your grade level math content: TK-12 Classrooms.

  • Experience a plethora of macro-moves and micro-moves to create optimal learning conditions for learner-centered, student-owned deep mathematical thinking and learning. 
  • Explore and learn strategies and approaches that not only require thinking but will encourage thinking. Gain insights into how everything from designing probing questions to arranging furniture can support (or “enhance”) student learning. 
  • Learn how to select and implement high leverage math routines, rich tasks, and engaging activities to foster student engagement and provide opportunities for students to experience joy in mathematics. 

Target Audience

  • TK-12 teachers!
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Satinder Singh,
Debbie Williams,
Matt Haber,
Kelly Russell

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