CalTPA Cycle 1 Support by Orange County Department of Education

Course Dates

This is an asynchronous class, beginning September 10, 2023. The pacing for each. semester is 9 weeks to the designated submission date. The fall semester ends on December 21, 2023.

About This Course

This is a CalTPA course that provides nine weeks of instruction, resources, and guidance in an asynchronous format. During each week, candidates will be required to complete parts of the CalTPA Cycle 1. 

By the end of this course, candidates will have completed CalTPA Cycles and submit to Pearson for scoring. Successful completion of the course is dependent upon submitting the CalTPA Cycle 1 to Pearson for scoring. Passage of the Cycle is not a requirement for earning credit for this course. One unit credit for Cycle 1 can be earned through Teachers College of San Joaquin upon successful completion. 

Target Audience

  • Year 2 Induction candidates (OCDE, OCIN, and candidates from other Induction programs), Candidates who have completed Induction (fewer years remaining on their preliminary credential), Year 1 candidates (if space is available).
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