Innovate Inside The [Virtual] Box With UDL

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COVID-19 has kept more than a billion students out of the physical classroom, and has required us as practitioners to change practices overnight. As much as it feels like we have to change everything and that we are working outside the box – we are very much still operating “inside the box” where we have to meet district expectations while at home. Although it feels like everything is changing, the “core” of innovative teaching and learning continues to provide a foundation for our own success, and the success of our learners. This course, Innovate In the [Virtual] Box with UDL, will focus on the four components of the core of innovation as outlined in our book, Innovate Inside the Box: Empowering Learners Through UDL and the Innovator’s Mindset and then help to scale the core and the Innovator’s Mindset through the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). This course is designed to provide real-time collaboration with educators from around the world using our book and the UDL framework. In every unit, we will provide a variety of resources to increase options for representation and increase engagement throughout the course. Additionally, there will be numerous options to participate in discussions to ensure that your reflections and connections are relevant, authentic, and meaningful. Take advantage of each other’s brilliance because as George says, “The smartest person in the room, IS the room.” Take a short break from your classes every day to connect with like-minded educators and get strategies to implement immediately with students and their families.


  • Increase your toolbox of strategies to build relationships with students and their families while providing opportunities for remote learning.
  • Learn how to use authentic forms of evidence to inform teaching and learning now that (thankfully!) we must look beyond standardized test scores.
  • Learn and share examples of “empowered learning” in remote learning environments.
  • Reflect on how transitioning to emergency support for students will shift practices in the future to be more universally designed.
  • Understand how each of the characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset can be fostered through implementation of Universal Design for Learning.


Module 1: Relationships Are First. Everything Else is a Distant Second
Module 2: Learner-Driven, Evidence Informed
Module 3: Empowered Learning Experiences
Module 4: Master Learner, Master Educator
Module 5: Fostering Empathy, Problem Finders/Solutions, Risk-Takers and Networking
Module 6: Fostering Observance, Creation, Resilience, and Reflection
Module 7: Lead From Where You Are
Module 8: You Are the Core


Novak Educational Consulting is the premier organization for designing and delivering high-quality, evidence-based professional development on multi-tiered systems of support, evidence-based tiered interventions, evidence-based literacy models, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and effective leadership practices.

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