MCOE Summer Mathematics Institute

Course Dates

June 12-16, 2023, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

About This Course


This five-day course is designed for K-8 teachers and paraprofessionals. Participants will experience a fun,  student-centered way to teach math in all grade levels! 

Learn unique ways to use manipulatives and visual representations for teaching new concepts, extending current understandings, and creating informal assessment opportunities as a natural component of instruction. The techniques explored in this course will work in conjunction with ANY math curriculum your district uses. 

Whether you are a math expert or not, you will have fun while learning new techniques to take back to your classrooms.

Participants will…
  • Improve their mathematical knowledge and skills through the use of manipulatives and pictorial representations.
  • Develop instructional strategies that include ALL students: ELL, Special Ed, high-flyers, and strugglers.
  • Immediately practice their new instructional strategies with actual students at a nearby summer school.
  • Enhance their professional network!

Target Audience

  • Grade K–8 Teachers, Coaches, Instructional Aides
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Duane Habecker

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