Standards-Based Grading For All

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Standards-Based Grading for All invites teachers and administrators from any/all levels to spend some time reflecting upon their current assessment practices, the way they give feedback, and how grades are assigned. The goal of this course is to provide both the research behind the “why” for Standards-Based Grading (SBG) as well as practical examples of SBG in practice. Whether your entire school/district is considering a switch to SBG or you are an individual educator seeking to make this change, this course will provide you with the tools to do so. Each module will:

  • Be Universally Designed to include a variety of materials to increase participants’ understanding of SBG and the different ways it can be implemented to help ensure inclusive classrooms in which students take ownership of their learning and feedback drives the process.
  • Conclude with a short assessment to help ensure that participants are fully understanding the nuances of SBG.
  • Include optional creation tasks that will help you take deliberate steps into the creation of a standards-based classroom/school.
  • For those who are taking the course for graduate credit, these activities provide a scaffolded approach to build towards your final project output.


  • Participants will understand what standards-based grading is and why it is a pathway to more equitable and inclusive classrooms and schools.
  • Participants will learn what standards-based grading can look like both when the whole school is transitioning to it and when an individual teacher is looking to use SBG in a “traditional” grading system.
  • Participants will create their own rationales for and pathways to SBG to be used with their current stakeholders.
  • Participants will develop the belief that they can be successful in implementing SBG.


Module 1: What and Why of SBG – A Look at the Literature
Module 2: SBG in Practice – Exploring Examples
Module 3: So now what?


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