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This self-facilitated course will introduce the key concepts of UDL and give you the knowledge you need to start using UDL in your lesson and assessment design both in the classroom and online (which is our new normal!). Each module will include a variety of materials to increase options for representation and increase engagement throughout the course. You will dive into the why, the what, and the how of UDL and learn how UDL creates more accessible and equitable learning environments. Throughout the course, there will be numerous opportunities for you to connect with one another through discussion, as we are all feeling a bit isolated!


  • Educators will dive into the theory and practice of Universal Design for Learning
  • Educators will explore how UDL is used as a framework for inclusive practice that allows for more accessible and equitable learning environments
  • Educators will understand what UDL is and how to apply the principles, guidelines, and checkpoints to teaching practice both in face-to-face sessions and through online learning
  • Educators will learn strategies to design learning experiences using UDL best practices
  • Educators will explore tools and resources that help deliver a universally designed education to learners through the cloud


Module 1: Equity, Equality, and Social Justice: The Case for UDL
Module 2: Variability not Disability
Module 3: The UDL Guidelines and Expert Learning
Module 4: The Why of Learning: The Engagement Network
Module 5: The What of Learning: The Representation Network
Module 6: The How of Learning: The Affection Network
Module 7: Backwards Designing Lesson Plans with UDL
Module 8: Culturally Responsive Design and UDL
Module 9: Community & Collaboration: You Can’t Do It Alone
Module 10: Self-Assessment & Implementing UDL


Novak Educational Consulting is the premier organization for designing and delivering high-quality, evidence-based professional development on multi-tiered systems of support, evidence-based tiered interventions, evidence-based literacy models, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and effective leadership practices.

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