Workshop Series: RICA Prep 101

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A Workshop Series by Emily Muccianti


The Workshop Series for RICA Prep 101 is a comprehensive, live series through Zoom that gives you everything you need to pass the exam. Three separate workshops are scheduled targeting each of the three required subtests. All domains, competencies, and written responses (including the case study) are covered through a variety of engaging and visual lessons and modules. Students are able to engage with the instructor, ask questions, and clarify their understanding.

Pre-workshop meeting requirement: (1 hour)

  • RICA Test Structure
  • The Nitty Gritty of Reading Development

Workshop #1: (5 hours)
Subtest 1

  • Domain 2 – Word Analysis
  • Domain 3 – Fluency
  • Constructed Responses
  • Deconstructed Sample Test for Subtest 1
  • Worksheets & Homework

Workshop #2: (5 hours)
Subtest 2

  • Domain 4 – Vocabulary, Academic Language, and Background Knowledge
  • Domain 5 – Comprehension
  • Constructed Responses
  • Deconstructed Sample Test for Subtest 2
  • Worksheets & Homework

Workshop #3: (5 hours)
Subtest 3

  • Domain 1 – Planning, Organizing, and Managing Reading Instruction
  • Basic on Ongoing Assessment
  • Deconstructed Sample Test for Subtest 3
  • The Case Study
  • Worksheets & Homework
  • Templates, outline, and pdf’s

A message from Emily Muccianti:

This test is hard, my friends! Failing costs money, so let me help you prepare and get through it.

I am a reading specialist, interventionist, and a bit of a reading diva. I have helped hundreds of new teachers over the past five years prepare for and pass the RICA exam.

If you need a personal touch to keep you accountable and on track in your preparations, you are in the right place. I will break down difficult content into understandable chunks. You will walk away feeling more confident and ready to tackle the RICA exam.

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Workshop series + 1 PD Unit
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Emily Muccianti

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