Dr. Brandy Byers Courses

Classroom Management

Classroom Management


A Teachable course by Teachers College of San Joaquin

From relationships, to organization, to specific strategies for working with children who may be difficult, this course has something for everyone!

This course provides an overview of relationship-based classroom management. It includes how restorative justice, positive behavior intervention supports, and discipline with dignity might work in your classroom.


Module 1: Introduction to the Course
Module 2: Organizing Your Classroom for Success
Module 3: Relationships, relationships, relationships!
Module 4: Structures, Routines, and Procedures
Module 5: Community Rules or Expectations
Module 6: Classroom Management & Teacher Language
Module 7: Restorative Justice
Module 8: Discipline with Dignity
Module 9: Working with Difficult Students
Module 10: Being a Reflective Practitioner