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Caltpa 2 All You Need To Succeed

Caltpa 2 All You Need To Succeed


Is the CalTPA 2 confusing and unclear? Are you overwhelmed by the enormity of the project? This course breaks the entire project down in to meaningful, bite-sized pieces. The modules give detailed instruction that allows you to fully understand the expectations and feel confident to complete your project. Step-by-step instruction walk you through the project piece by piece. Examples, tips, and hints are provided for the areas that tend to be the most confusing. Feel successful in accomplishing this assessment, get the support you need, now!

Participants will:

  • gain clear understanding of the expectations of the CalTPA 2
  • receive step-by-step instruction to complete the templates
  • complete all of the CalTPA 2 project
  • submit the CalTPA 2 to the Pearson portal for scoring