Preliminary Teaching Credential Programs

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Two Programs Available

TCSJ has two program options to earn a Preliminary Teaching Credential: Residency@TCSJ and the IMPACT Intern Program. Check out the details below to find the program that best suits you!

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Residency v IMPACT by Teachers College of San Joaquin

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Residency@TCSJ is TCSJ’s one-year preliminary teaching credential program that allows you to learn alongside a mentor teacher throughout an entire school year, giving you the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in the classroom. In addition to working with a mentor teacher, you’ll also need to complete credential classes two evenings per week (online or in-person).

To learn more, visit the program webpage HERE and/or complete the form below to request a program informational video.

The IMPACT Intern Preliminary Teaching Credential Program collaborates with over 60 school districts in an eight-county region of California. Upon fulfilling all “intern eligible” requirements, individuals obtain employment as a teacher and receive a salary from the school district. They attend in-person evening classes (Stockton or Ceres campus) up to three times per week for two years in a cohort model. During the program, students work under a University Intern Credential issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, which authorizes them to work as teachers.

To learn more, visit the program webpage HERE and/or complete the form below to request a program informational video.

Golden State Teacher Grant – View Details

Residency@TCSJ and IMPACT Intern students may be eligible to apply for the Golden State Teacher Grant (GSTG) Program awards up to $20,000. Students must:

  • Complete their program and obtain their credential within 6 years from the date their initial GSTG payments are mailed to their institution.
  • Commit to work at either a priority school or a California preschool program for 4 years within 8 years of completing their program.
Teacher Residency Grant for High-Needs Credential Areas

Residency@TCSJ students may be eligible for a grant of up to $33,000 (limited spots available!):

  • Must be pursuing a credential in a high-needs credential area: transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, math, science, and special education. 
  • Must be a resident teacher at one of the following district/schools: Lincoln USD, Stockton USD, Ripon USD, River Islands Academies, Tracy Learning Center, and Lodi USD. 
  • Must commit to teaching in a high-needs credential area (transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, math, science, and special education) for four years after the completion of Residency@TCSJ.
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