Residency @ TCSJ

Transforming education together through growing and equipping equity-focused and inclusion-minded teachers who advocate for social justice.
If you're interested in becoming a teacher and have a bachelor's degree, TCSJ's one-year preliminary teaching credential program might be a good option for you. This program allows you to work alongside a mentor teacher for 3-5 days per week throughout an entire school year, giving you the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in the classroom. In addition to working with a mentor teacher, you'll also need to complete credential classes in-person at TCSJ's Stockton campus on Monday and Thursday evenings.

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Program Benefits

  • Become the best teacher possible by learning from the best
  • Be a part of a program that addresses social inequity and social justice
  • Have the opportunity to earn two credentials in one year
  • Come out of the program with less stress your first year of teaching

Residency@TCSJ Vision:

Residency@TCSJ graduates are a diverse workforce of committed inclusive-minded teachers who are determined to:
  • Empower and equip ALL students to grow into positive change-makers
  • Inspire and lead their school sites to embody a strong sense of social justice, dedication to service, and a never ending pursuit of academic and personal excellence
  • Be unstoppable in establishing strong school communities by creating cohesive cultures with trusting relationships among students, parents, colleagues, and community partners


  • Bachelor’s Degree of Higher from a regionally accredited institution
    • If you are earning your bachelor’s degree this spring, you must provide a letter from your college (on letterhead) stating you are on track to graduate this spring.
    • If your degree was completed from an institution outside of the US, you must get your transcripts evaluated from an approved agency confirming an equivalent degree.
  • Basic Skills Requirement 
  • United States Constitution Requirement 
  • Certificate of Clearance or valid document issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing 
  • Evidence of continuous progress toward meeting subject matter competency (registration for the CSET, submitting coursework evaluation, appropriate degree match, completion of subject matter program)

The residency year is designed to…

  • Move residents from observers to skilled practitioners… Residents take concepts, theories, and strategies learned in coursework and apply them in their clinical experiences.
  • Understand how to create classroom cultures that honor and advocate for the individual abilities of each and every child.
  • Help residents become adept at designing and implementing

In summer 2023, residents:

  • Begin the process of applying for a 30-day substitute permit and becoming hired as substitute teachers in their district of placement.
  • Attend intensive training July 10-14

In fall 2023, residents:

  • Attend teaching credential classes at TCSJ Monday and Thursday evenings
  • Attend all faculty and new teacher meetings
  • Shadow/work alongside their mentor teacher 3-5 days/week
  • May have the opportunity to substitute teach an average of 2 days per week in their placement district
  • Complete the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA), Cycle One
  • Complete subject matter competency (e.g., CSET if not already completed)

In spring 2024, residents:

  • Attend teaching credential classes at TCSJ Monday and Thursday evenings
  • hadow/work alongside their mentor teacher 3-5 days/week
  • Assume full-time responsibility for the classroom for a minimum of 50% of the semester
  • Complete Teacher Performance Assessment, Cycle Two
  • Complete the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (not required for Single Subject teachers)
  • Residents apply for teaching positions for the upcoming school year
  • Priority Consideration Deadline: March 31
  • Final Application Deadline: April 17
  • Dual Credential: Single Subject* and Mild to Moderate Support Needs
  • Dual Credential: Multiple Subject and Mild to Moderate Support Needs
  • Single Subject*
  • Multiple Subject
  • Mild to Moderate Support Needs
  • Extensive Support Needs
  • Brentwood Unified School District
  • Jefferson School District
  • Lincoln Unified School District
  • Lodi Unified School District
  • Ripon Unified School District
  • River Islands Technology Academy
  • SJCOE-Special Education
  • Stockton Unified School District
  • Tracy Learning Center
  • Tracy Unified School District

Phase 1: Preparing to Teach ALL Learners

  • EDUC 240: Residency Summer Intensive

Phase 2: Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

  • CURR 341: Preparing Students for the 21st Century
  • CURR 347: Theory of Teacher Leadership
  • EDUC 241: Creating Inclusive Learning Environments
  • EDUC 244a: Residency Practicum
  • EDUC 244a: Residency Practicum

Phase 3: Planning and Implementing Lessons that Engage and Support ALL Learners

  • EDUC 242: Planning and Implementing Lessons that Engage and Support ALL Learners
  • EDUC 244b: Residency Practicum
  • SPED 244a: Residency Practicum

Phase 4: Planning and Implementing Units that Engage and Supports ALL Learners

  • EDUC 344: Lesson Study
  • EDUC 242: Planning and Implementing Units that Engage and Support All Learners
  • EDUC 244C: Residency Practicum
  • SPED 244b: Residency Practicum

Developing as a Reflective Practioner

  • CURR 345: Teacher Action Research
  • CURR 343: Curriculum for the 21st Century
  • EDUC 245: Developing as a Reflective Practitioner
  • EDUC: 244c: Residency Practicum
  • EDUC: 244b: Residency Practicum
  • By April 5 – Applications submitted by the priority deadline are reviewed and scored. Semi-finalists are selected to be previewed by our district partners via an internal portal which will go live beginning Wednesday, April 5, 2023.
  • April 5-May 17 – District partners have the opportunity to reach out to semi-finalists via email and/or phone.
  • On May 15 – Semi-finalists and districts attend a “mixer” in early May where applicants and districts can meet.
  • By May 19 – Districts rank semi-finalists and give their list to the residency coordinator.
  • By May 31 – Admitted residents announced by May 31, 2023. Applicants selected for a residency will then be formally accepted and be required to put down a $400 deposit. Residents begin the process of applying for a 30-day substitute permit and becoming hired as substitute teachers in their district of placement.
  • July 10-14 – Residents attend intensive training at TCSJ.


Students enrolled in Residency@TCSJ (by 2023) are eligible to apply for the Golden State Teacher Grant to earn an award up to $20,000. Learn about the GSTG Program at

Want to talk to a current Residency@TCSJ student? Reach out to a student ambassador!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Residency@TCSJ is a one-year program vs. IMPACT Intern Program is a two-year program.
  • As a resident, you are not the teacher of record, therefore you do not get paid a teacher’s salary.
  • As a resident, you are placed in a classroom for the entire year to learn alongside a mentor teacher. In the IMPACT program, interns are the teacher of record and do not work alongside a mentor teacher on a day-to-day basis.
  • As a resident, you have an opportunity to earn a dual credential (General Education and Special Education) in your residency year.

TCSJ and the district/county partners have the final decision over where you work and with whom. When employing agencies take a resident at one of their sites, they are looking for someone who they may potentially hire as a teacher the following year. Therefore, our district partners play a deciding role in selecting residents for one of their sites.

We will be selecting approximately 30 residents.

Yes! If you are completing your bachelor’s degree this spring, you can submit your official transcripts and a letter from your university verifying you are on track to graduate in spring of this year.

California requires verification of teachers’ basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. You can learn more at

California requires verification of teachers’ knowledge of the subject they will teach (e.g. Multiple, Single or Education Specialist Credential). You can learn more at

Education Specialist Credential*, you may technically demonstrate subject matter competency in multiple subjects or single subjects. You can learn more at

You do not need to have subject matter to apply, however, you need to submit evidence you are working toward completing the subject matter competency requirement (e.g. CSET exams schedule). Residents are required to have subject matter competency met by the end of the fall semester.

No. Residency at TCSJ is a traditional pathway to earn a preliminary teaching credential, therefore, you do not need to complete a Pre-Service Preparation Program.

Candidates accepted into the residency program are required to pay a $400 non-refundable tuition down payment and a $150 technology fee. Residents will meet with TCSJ student accounts to set up a payment plan. You will have the option to spread out payments beyond program completion with no interest, so that payments are manageable.

At this time, we do not yet have online classes. All of our classes are held at our Stockton campus.

At this time, we do not have tuition assistance programs for our credential programs (e.g. financial aid). Candidates are encouraged to apply for the Golden State Teacher Grant which provides up to $20,000 for qualifying candidates who agree to teach in a “priority school” for at least four years upon program completion.

Most residents are hired as substitute teachers in their placement district and they are eligible to substitute teach an average of 1-2 days per week. This provides residents with rich experiences, important networking opportunities, and financial support.

Yes. Our program is a fully accredited teacher certification program through CCTC (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, phone: 916-445-7254). We highly recommend candidates review the CCTC website for further information regarding credential requirements ( Our program has to meet the exact same requirements of all other California teacher preparation programs. We are listed on the website under “Commission-Approved Professional Preparation Programs.”

California has a two-tiered credential system, preliminary and clear. At the end of the IMPACT or Residency Teaching Credential or program, candidates who complete the program requirements are eligible to apply for a Preliminary Teaching Credential. This credential is valid for 5 years. Within 5 years, a candidate must complete a Commission approved induction program to clear their credential.

Yes, credentials are not related to your degree. We recommend you base your choice on the age group with whom you enjoy working.

Both credentials are for TK-12. Usually elementary (TK-6th grades) are multiple subject teachers; single subjects are taught in middle school (7-8) or high school. Occasionally a single subject teacher, like PE or music, may teach in an elementary school. Middle schools and alternative programs for high school students may require a multiple-subject credential because the teacher of record teaches two or more subjects to the same group of students. If you have a program or school you are interested in, they will be able to tell you which credential will be needed.

Upon completion of the Residency program, candidates will earn a preliminary credential with one of the following English Learner Authorizations: ELAM, ELAS, or ELAE.