Novak Education: Improving Accessibility with Technology and UDL

About This Course

Technology is not our foe. When leveraged as a tool, technology can help to remove barriers and
improve access to grade-level content, make things more efficient for us as educators, and even be
We know technology is rapidly changing and just when you dive into the latest app,the next best
thing is in focus.This course will lay the groundwork for how to create an accessible space for all
learners in workspaces such as Google Suite and/or Microsoft Office. Then we will dive into the latest apps, websites, and extensions (yes, AI too!) to allow for more voice and choice in the
classroom, improve engagement, and increase accessibility for all our learners.
Our goal is that when you complete this course you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how
to boost student success – by clicking with tech 🙂

Target Audience

  • This course is recommended for grade 2-12 educators and instructors.
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Jeff Horwitz

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