Academic Credit Transfer

Academic Credit Transfer

Academic Credit Transfer


Current Teaching Credential Students:

Coursework completed by students currently enrolled in the IMPACT Program or Residency@TCSJ are directly transferable to TCSJ for identical required coursework in the M.Ed. program. 

Teaching Credential Graduates:

Students who have graduated from the IMPACT Program or Residency@TCSJ within the last seven years will be awarded transfer credit as described for current students above.  Students who graduated more than seven years prior to enrollment in the graduate school must submit transcripts for evaluation.  Equivalencies will be granted for coursework as appropriate to current standards.

Students Transferring from other Teacher/Administrator Preparation Programs:

Coursework completed from a regionally accredited college or university ( ) is eligible to be evaluated for transfer credit work with the following restrictions:

  1. Only 8 units or less can be transferred (unless applying for a second credential).
  2. Only courses completed within the last 7 years will be considered (unless applying for a second credential).
  3. Only courses that qualify for graduate credit by an accredited institution can be transferred.

*Exception: Integrated credential coursework completed as an undergraduate may be considered pending review of transcripts and course descriptions.

  1. Only courses in which a grade of C or better is earned can be transferred.

Enrolled students must receive approval prior to taking a course at another regionally accredited institution in order to have credits be considered as transferrable.


Students may submit transcripts and other requested documentation to the program director for review.  Transfer credit will be granted on an individual basis and the program director will assign equivalencies (“E” grade, no units) for approved coursework only. 

If needed, the program director shall consult with the President of TCSJ or an academic designee regarding granting equivalencies.  The President has the authority to overrule policy.

Note:  No transfer credit/equivalencies will be granted for any course in the Master’s Core.  All students must complete a minimum of 17 units at TCSJ to be eligible for a Master’s in Education.

If you would like TCSJ to evaluate your transcripts for equivalencies, you must complete TCSJ’s Transfer Course Equivalency Form.