Adding a Multiple Subject Credential to a CA Single Subject Credential

Adding a Multiple Subject Credential to a CA Single Subject Credential

Are you interested in adding a multiple subject credential to your single subject credential? You can apply to Teachers College of San Joaquin and complete the coursework needed to add the credential. View the chart below to view all requirements needed to add the credential.

What requirements I need to complete to add a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential to my Single Subject Teaching Credential

A three-semester-unit or four-quarter-unit course directly related to teaching in a self-contained classroom, excluding the methods of teaching reading

*EDUC 231-Integrated Literacy (begins in January)

Coursework in developing English language skills for beginning readers

*EDUC 230B-Foundations of Reading (begins in January)

Obtain an English learner authorization authorizing service in English Language Development (ELD), and Specially Designed Academic Instruction delivered in English (SDAIE) (if this authorization is not already on your single subject credential)



Enrollment period for applications to add a content area to a single subject credential: October 15-December 15, 2024

A Valid CA Single Subject Teaching Credential

Official transcripts from a teaching credential program are required to apply.

Please visit the Tuition & Fees page for full details.

When you have completed the coursework and other requirements to add the credential, you can complete an application to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing by Clicking Here.