Clear Administrative Services Credential Program

Clear Administrative Services Credential Program

Teachers College of San Joaquin’s Induction Clear Administrative Credential Program is available to individuals who need to clear their Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. The program is based on a leadership coaching model (in lieu of coursework) and is tied to the CA Professional Standards for Educational Leaders.

Program Details

  • Two-year program
  • Candidates are paired with an experienced administrator who 'coaches' the candidate over the two-year period and works one-on-one for an average of 40 hours per year. All coaches have been trained by the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) and receive ongoing training.
  • Candidates attend 20 hours of targeted professional development activities based on the their individual needs.

Program FAQ's

  1. When can I start TCSJ’s CASC Program? Coaching begins as soon as you are assigned a coach.
  2. What is the latest point in the year that I can start the program? In order to get 40 hours of coaching completed during the school year, the latest point to start coaching is in September.
  3. Why is my preliminary administrative credential expiring before the allocated five years to clear your credential? A valid teaching credential (or equivalent) is required for one to earn their preliminary administrative credential. If your credential is due to expire before the five-year mark, it is likely due to the expiration of your teaching credential. You may need to apply to the Commission on Teachers Credentialing to extend your credential.
  4. Do I have to stay with the same district for the duration of the program? There is no requirement to stay with the same district for the two-years. It is important to note that changing districts mid-year could result in the need for another year of coaching due to not being able to complete the inquiries.
  5. What is the Cost? The total cost for students beginning the program in fall 2024 is $9,060.