Early Childhood Special Education Added Authorization

Early Childhood Special Education Added Authorization

Looking to expand your expertise in early childhood special education?
TCSJ's Early Childhood Special Education Added Authorization Program is tailor-made for individuals who already possess an Education Specialist teaching credential and are authorized to work with young children from birth through kindergarten in special education settings.

This program comprises 13 units, and applicants may qualify for course equivalencies depending on their past academic transcripts, which are subject to review. Our classes for this program are held in-person and conducted exclusively in Stockton, so you can receive hands-on training and practical experience in a supportive learning environment.


Possess a valid preliminary, professional clear, clear, or life special education teaching credential, or a Speech-Language Pathology or Clinical or Rehabilitative Services Credential with a Special Class Authorization.

  • EDSP 230: Curriculum, Environments and Intervention for Early Childhood Special Education (4)
  • EDSP 231: Assessment and Evaluation for Early Childhood (2)
  • EDSP 232: Communication, Language and Literacy Development in Early Childhood (3)
  • EDSP 208: Educating Students with Complex and Diverse Social, Behavioral and Emotional Health Needs (1)
  • EDSP 209: Access and Inclusion for Students with Health, Mobility, Movement, and Sensory Needs (2)
  • EDSP 289: Support Supervision: ECSEAA (1)

Please visit the Tuition & Fees page for full details.

  • ECSE Added Authorization Applications are accepted twice a year with the following deadlines:
    • April 10 – August 25 (To begin Fall 2023)
    • October 1 – December 15 (to begin Spring 2024)