The Coach is the only Microcredential program built with curated content from a variety of coaching models, featuring research from leading instructional coaches, that brings a global perspective to instructional coaching, where you learn within a connected cohort of learners with the benefit of a mentor to guide your learning for the entire academic year.

Primary Learning Outcomes and/or Course Requirements

  • Have effective coaching conversations, moving through a variety of coaching approaches
  • Use the coaching cycle to transform classroom instruction and impact student learning
  • Handle difficult conversations, so that you can work with every teacher on your staff
  • Manage the multitude of tasks assigned to coaches without feeling overwhelmed or stressed
  • Expand your professional learning network to connect with coaches around the globe
  • Leverage coaching conversations to make a real difference at your school

Evaluation Criteria for Credit

Personal Project/Final Evaluation

About Eduro Learning

Eduro Learning is a small business created by educators and parents passionate about redefining professional learning by honoring the craft of educators. Their bespoke pathways gives educators agency, choice, and an authentic opportunity to collaborate with fellow practitioners around the world.

Course Options
No Mentor $947
Academy $1,947
Premium $2,747



Course + PDUs = $1,497 - $3,297

Course Dates:
Asynchronous, Online
Course Instructor:
Kim Cofino
Registration Deadline:
March 21, 2021
We recommend that participants seek approval for salary advancement from appropriate district officials before purchasing professional development units.