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There are many educators who learn about the framework of Universal Design for Learning or UDL and think of it as a blueprint for lesson design. This course has been created to share that UDL is so much more than how to design a lesson. Rather, it is about recognizing that every single learner has amazing assets that will allow them to learn at high levels when provided with grade-level instruction that is accessible, engaging, linguistically appropriate, culturally sustaining, and anti-racist.

Many students face barriers that prevent them from learning at high levels, but with proactive design, we can minimize and eliminate many of those barriers. When we provide students and their families with opportunities to share their voices and make choices about their learning, we can create new and better systems.

We know that educators are trying to eliminate opportunity gaps and elevate and celebrate the brilliance of young scholars. But, the reality is that many learners do not have access to opportunities that allow them to become motivated, purposeful, resourceful, and strategic. It is our hope that by reading the text, and participating in this course, you will have strategies and resources that will allow you to have a great impact.


  • Gain the tools to alter the all-too-predictable outcomes for our historically under-served students
  • It’s educators who design students’ learning experiences, who build student relationships, who ultimately have the power to change the trajectory of our students’ lives. Through this course, you’ll learn how to leverage your power to make change.
  • Through the research-based foundation and practical applications, you’ll rethink your practices, self-reflect, and gain the tools to design social justice into your curriculum.


Module 1: UDL as an Instrument of Change
Module 2: Laying the Groundwork for Social Justice for Our Classrooms and Learning Communities
Module 3: Social Justice Through Community and Collaboration
Module 4: Personalized Learning for Equity
Module 5: Identity, Mirrors, and Funds of Knowledge
Module 6: Cultural Responsiveness and Equity
Module 7: Restorative Justice and Restorative Circles
Module 8: A Student’s Journey


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