Inspire Creative Science Communication with Media Projects by KQED

About This Course

Help students develop creative science communication skills and demonstrate their learning in science with media-making. As youth grow up in an ever increasing digital world, it is clear that they are consuming and interacting with media everyday. We want to uplift youth voice by giving them avenues to be creators, not just consumers. In this workshop, participants will explore how audio, video and graphics-based projects can be incorporated into any science subject area. We’ll look at student-created examples and will dive into the steps of the media production cycle to see how they are aligned with the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices. In this free, hands-on course you will:

  • Hear from science communication experts about the most effective tips and tricks to share complex science concepts through storytelling
  • Explore ways students can use media for creative expression and to communicate information
  • Develop a standards-aligned (NGSS) project plan in which students create a piece of media that demonstrates learning and communicates important scientific information to an audience
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