3DMD: Modeling the Molecular World (California Residents)

Course Dates

Held July 15-19th 2024 from 8:30am-4:30pm at Teachers College of San Joaquin (2721 Transworld Drive Stockton, CA 95206)

About This Course

Through hands-on discovery, understand how to foster student modeling and exploration of the biomolecular world. Within the lens of the Next Generation Science Standards, learners will be exposed to a variety of instructional methods that incorporate both physical and digital modeling to reveal the invisible molecular world and help them make it real to their students. Engage in unique conversations on molecular exploration. Learn the power of storytelling to make molecular stories more accessible to students.

Target Audience

  • Anyone!
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Course Price
$750 (Enrollment closes May 1st, 2024)
PDU Price
$95 per unit
Tim Herman, PhD
Heather Ryan, MPA
Keri Shingleton, PhD
Jim Lane, MA

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