Summer 2023 Courses

SJCOE: Restorative Practices Level 1 & 2

SJCOE: Restorative Practices Level 1 & 2

Introduction to Restorative Practices & Using Circle Effectively (Level 1): Restorative Practices is an approach of both proactive and responsive strategies for strengthening relationships and building community. It replaces a punitive response to unwanted behavior and actions of hurt and harm. When human beings are in relationship with one another less conflict occurs. Restorative Practices also helps build the skills needed to manage conflict, repair hurt or harm and reduce negative behavior. Restoring relationships for all in the school, home, community and in the workplace is the primary focus and work of restorative practices.

Facilitating Restorative Conferences (Level 2): Restorative conferences provide a space for effective responses to incidents of conflict, wrongdoing and harm. This training includes the steps to facilitate a formal, scripted circle process to address racial incidents, bullying, vandalism and other serious infractions. Learn all the steps required to conduct a restorative justice conference, from determining the readiness of victims, offenders, their families and friends to participate, to running the formal meeting itself. 

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to implement principles along the restorative practice continuum and use circles effectively. Participants will also be able to utilize positive discipline through participatory learning and decision making. The use of restorative practices helps to reduce crime, violence and bullying, improve behavior, strengthen community, restore and repair relationships. 

Reach out to Yvette Menchaca, Multi-tiered Systems of Support Coordinator (COSP) for more details at:
  • 209-662-9896