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How do we teach digital citizenship? What exactly do we teach? How do we integrate digital citizenship into the curriculum? Uncover a variety of ways for teachers to help their students to balance, respect and protect themselves online and offline. Uncover a variety of ways to protect, balance and respect yourself and your students, so that you can easily integrate digital citizenship in your classroom.


Module 1: Fake News and the Responsibility to be Digitally Literate
Module 2: Respectfully Disagreeing as a Resilient Digital Citizen
Module 3: Breaking Down Classroom Walls to Build Bridges
Module 4: Empowering Your Students to be Responsible in the Digital World
Module 5: Staying Safe Online
Module 6: Integrating Digital Citizenship into Your Curriculum


Eduro Learning is a small business created by educators and parents passionate about redefining professional learning by honoring the craft of educators. Their bespoke pathways gives educators agency, choice, and an authentic opportunity to collaborate with fellow practitioners around the world.

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Kim Cofino

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